Anal Fantasy Collection Vibrating Ass Blaster

cv-1844730131I love playing with big toys in my backdoor, and I wanted to go bigger but I always seem to have a problem with fitting those big toys inside me. I love my small plugs, but they were leaving me somewhat unfulfilled, and I was craving something bigger, by my physiology was not agreeing.

Thankfully I found an easy solution with the Anal Fantasy Vibrating Ass Blaster. It’s the perfect shape and size that I’m used to, and is so slim that it inserts almost effortlessly, especially when I use a generous amount of lube. Once it is inside me though it gets really interesting. With a few squeezes on the ball pump I can inflate my plug to the perfect size. When the air is pumped inside the plug it feels amazingly full and firm, and it’s easy to let the air out and remove at any point.

With this plug I got more than just an easy to insert big toy, I also got a vibrating plug, something else I hadn’t tried before. It’s waterproof too which is fun because with its suction cup base I can stick it to the tile of my shower and back up on to it, or stick it to the bottom of the bathtub while I sit down on it.

It’s a fun plug that goes in like a small plug, but plays like a big plug. And it comes with extra goodies too like finger sleeves, anal desensitising cream, anal lube, and toy cleaner – giving me everything I need to play with the Ass Blaster from start to finish.