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Taking care of your prostate properly

mens healthMany men don’t like to think about anything to do with prostate cancer or screening. It conjures up horrific thoughts of anal probing. Prostate cancer is very serious and can be avoided if the correct measures are taken to prevent it. Here are just a few tips …

8 Reasons To Get Off The Couch & Go For A Run

man-runningToday, I had every intention of lacing up my sneakers the second I woke up and hitting the street for a run. Those good intentions, though, quickly failed as my stomach grumbled and my eyelids began drooping once I was up.…

Four Superfoods To Add To You Diet

downloadThe buzz word of the millennium would have to be “Superfood”. Now you don’t need to go out and spend loads of money on ancient and exotic superfoods, yes while there is plenty of hype on these trendy superfoods – there are many superfoods found at your everyday grocery store that are equally good for you – and lighter on the wallet. …

E.D: When to Ask for Help

pha067000051I know from personal experience that erectile dysfunction can be an embarrassing situation. E.D. isn’t something you usually discover on your own; you realize there is a problem when you are with your partner and unable to perform.…

The 5 Best Powerfoods for Men

intro-powerfoodsThe nourishment and vitamins from certain foods have the ability to build muscle, fire up metabolism, boost immunity and save your heart. However not all foods are created equal, here are  5 foods that you can’t ignore, just a handful a day will improve your health tenfold.

Travel Health

man-thinking-about-sexWhen you’re travelling its very important to take care of your health. Constantly moving from place to place in the confines of airplanes, buses or trains can be very hard on your body.

Masturbate This Way and Your Penile Health Is Screwed!

bigstock-Man-In-Bed-6546651Alright, this may sound slightly scary, but there is a certain wrong method of masturbation that can screw up your penile health for life. Normally, masturbation is considered a healthy practice. But, if done in this manner, you could end up ruining the way in which your penis responds during sexual intercourse.…

Dealing With Disease

Man doing yoga on stand-up paddle boardIt’s well known that a number of foods are extremely healing and restorative for the body’s cells. The stomach is the centre of the immune system, and therefore what you eat has a huge impact on what is going on in your body.

How to Build Workouts Into Your Normal Routine

Young man doing a backbend on his surfboardIt can be really difficult to begin an exercise routine if you’re not used to it. The change can affect many parts of your life, and require you to rearrange your priorities. It’s certainly a positive step, so how do you make sure you’ll stick to your new resolution?

Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction or ED

mens health

Erectile dysfunction or ED can be a very uncomfortable and difficult subject for men suffering from it. In case you are suffering from it too and do not want to cause worry to your partner or don’t feel comfortable consulting a qualified physician, there are certain options you can explore instead. However, it is best to always consult a qualified doctor first. Male enhancement marketplace now features certain new devices …