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Does Omega-3 Really Help in Slowing Down Cognitive Decline and Overall Mental Health?


In every aspect of life, there are always two sides  that oppose each other. There are always two sides of  a coin, Yin and Yang, North And South, positive and negative and there will always be two teams that will differ in opinions, beliefs and facts based on their studies. Every opposing opinion or belief will be dissected, scrutinized and loopholes will be presented to downplay the other. Doing this …

Get More Sleep


Our hectic lifestyle choices have left us with little time for sleep. Sleep deprivation results in more than just a bad day. Animal studies have indicated that lack of sleep can, literally, be a life threat.

A study published in Diabetes Care, an American Diabetes Association journal, indicates that disturbed or reduced sleep is associated with glucose intolerance, insulin resistance and a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes.  …

Penis Pumps and Penis Extenders are Not Only for Old Men


Penis pump is a penile enhancement device that is not meant just for old men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Penis pumps as well as penis extenders are commonly used by people of all age groups to undergo male enhancement, without the need of undergoing painful and expensive penile surgery.…