Dealing With Disease

Man doing yoga on stand-up paddle boardIt’s well known that a number of foods are extremely healing and restorative for the body’s cells. The stomach is the centre of the immune system, and therefore what you eat has a huge impact on what is going on in your body.

Fresh organic vegetables and fruits, super foods like goji berries and seaweeds, and fermented foods with lots of natural probiotics can all help the body to restore its natural levels of hormones, chemicals and flora in the gut for optimal health. The best defence against cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic degenerative illnesses is to prevent them.

If you’ve already been diagnosed with a disease, it’s important to be able to grieve and process the changes it will mean for your life, but also to maintain a normal routine as much as possible. Make sure to still spend time doing the activities you enjoy and to make time for family and friends.

Get some light physical exercise if you’re able. Sexual intimacy with your partner is often overlooked, but is still important and in many cases sex can still be possible. For men, Penis pumps can help when disease has affected your ability to maintain an erection. By helping the blood to enter the penis, you may retain an erection for intercourse for up to 30 minutes.

Women can also use toys or other aids to help themselves become stimulated. If you remember to go slowly and listen to your body, a healthy physical relationship with your partner is still possible.