E.D: When to Ask for Help

pha067000051I know from personal experience that erectile dysfunction can be an embarrassing situation. E.D. isn’t something you usually discover on your own; you realize there is a problem when you are with your partner and unable to perform.

Not only do YOU know something’s wrong, SHE knows it too. Some women take E.D. very personally, blaming themselves for your inability to perform. Other women may hammer you with questions about your emotions or your mental state, trying to find the cause of your issue. And if you’re unable to perform on a regular basis, your partner will insist that you see a doctor. And she will be right. If you’ve been regularly been unable to perform over even a short period of time it’s time to have a professional evaluate the problem.

The idea of talking to a stranger about your E.D. can be embarrassing and intimidating but it’s important to remember that the doctor has dealt with this before. You don’t have anything they haven’t already seen. It’s important to seek medical treatment for your E.D. because it may be caused by an underlying condition. High blood pressure, atherosclerosis and diabetes are all known causes of E.D. Stress, fatigue and some medications can also cause E.D. Addressing the underlying issue can alleviate your erectile dysfunction along with insuring your overall health.

Addressing your E.D will not only insure your physical health but also eliminate unnecessary stress on your relationship. A bit of embarrassment is worth your health and happiness.

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