Five sexual fantasies that always turn men on

b1We were recently discussing birthday’s – we had both decided to buy a sex toy online at this erotic toy shop for our respective partners (Pam, Irene). While deciding on what to buy them we had to make distinct choices on what we thought they would like – from a functional angle – a “What works” for them perspective.

Frisky, and their informative vibrator buyers guides which helped us narrow down our choices, and find toys that we think will suit our partners the best.

But, that brings me to this blog post, this whole search for a sex toy spawned a topic of conversation – what are men’s sexual fantasies? – we wanted to cover this topic for our readers!

What are the sexual fantasies that make men’s pants get tighter?

Sexual fantasies are normal and come from a variety of sources

Men fantasize about sex just as much as women. However, what are the sexual fantasies that make men get all hot and bothered no matter what?

Men and sexual fantasies are two things that cannot considered separately. If you want to know what makes a man get turned on and ready to go at the drop of a dime, first you will need to understand the sexual fantasies of all men.

You can have a few or many other sexual desires also to those mentioned in this article. Perhaps this morning you had a different fantasy, but that does not mean that they are not at the top of your or your partner’s list.

Sexual fantasies and men

We all fantasize.

If men and women did not have sexual fantasies, pornography would not be a billion dollar a year industry, right?

Okay, so now that we recognize and accept the fact that both men and women have sexual fantasies, we will go directly to your partner’s, husband’s, boyfriend’s, or lover’s mind. Of course, the reason for knowing these things is that it will make sex a lot more fun for you and your partner.

Sexual Fantasy 1: Threesomes!
Every man in the world is dying to have a threesome. If I think about it, I do not know if there is a man alive who would not want to have a threesome.
I am sure that even Adam was frustrated because Eve was one woman short of satisfying for him.
Men think that the female body is the most beautiful thing they’ve ever seen in their lives’, so it is not strange to imagine how seeing and being with two girls fondling each other, and to be with them, smell them and make love to both of them, is something exaggeratedly exciting for a man. This is something that all men would like to have in bed, no exceptions.

Sexual Fantasy 2: Prostitution
I do not personally know many men who have sex with prostitutes that they pick up off of the streets, driving down an alley in the dark of night. There are many that do, yes, but not most men. A lot of men do not dare to pay for sex with a prostitute on the street from fear of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, or being arrested for offering money to obtain sex from a stranger.

I know, I know, for women, imagining your husband or your boyfriend having sex with a prostitute is an unpleasant image to have in your head. But hey, this is guy thing and I guess that as a woman, you have to accept that prostitutes excite your man on some level of his primitive brain.

Men think about women most of the time when they are awake, and probably most of the time when they are sleeping. So having intercourse with a woman after only a few minutes of conversation, sometimes even less, and to do so out of pure animal sexual attraction is exciting for a man. When a man does not sleep with prostitutes, the idea of thinking about sex with a prostitute is a recurring male sexual fantasy. The best thing about this fantasy is that his girlfriend may very well be the prostitute in his fantasy, so it has more to do with role playing and outfits than being with an actual stranger.

Sexual Fantasy 3: Role playing
Men like to role-play. It is like getting to sleep with different women in different scenarios which makes it more exciting and keeps the romance alive. If your girl is not too keen on pretending to be a stewardess, or doesn’t want to participate in certain games, all she has to do is imagine a sexual fantasy in which each one of you have a different role that makes her comfortable. If you are wondering what men like in bed, just put on a dress or dress up as nurse, cheerleader or sexy secretary and see how fast you get a standing ovation from the little soldier your man keeps between his legs.

Men like women who want to experiment in the bedroom. Every man has a role player inside of him. Those who say they do not, are either lying about being turned on from the situation or have not experienced the situation yet.

Sexual Fantasy 4: Women who are out of their league
Men like being with a women whom they think they could never get to be with them. A woman who is totally out of his league; men love what they cannot have. However, they will still try no matter what. That is why some women can easily take advantage of men. I do not know why, but men find the idea of sleeping with a woman who is out of their league very attractive and exciting.

Hooking up with these women is so compelling that most men are constantly trying. Whether the woman is someone in their work environment or the waitress at the cafe where he has his daily breakfast. Most men also have sexual fantasies with their best friends’ wives, girlfriends or sisters, on a regular basis, although most won’t do anything about it ever.

Sexual Fantasy 5: Exotic places
As a relationship progresses happily, the sex lives of most men can become quite boring. Most men look at the wall while having sex with their wives from how monotonous things can become at times. Moreover, for some more unfortunate souls, there’s even a fixed term calendar intercourse schedule. This can become quite horrible. So what men do?
So if their partner is not providing this distraction that most men crave, they will constantly dream about making love at some other time of day, in any other part of the house. And if his sexual fantasies are not met, this leads to dreaming about some exotic beach resort, club, or a busy place where beautiful girls get to walk around, and fantasize about “fucking” them.

So if you were wondering what it is that makes men tick, these are the first five male fantasies, and even if you do not feel comfortable with some of these fantasies, maybe one of two have given you some ideas so you can try out to please your man in new and exciting ways.

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