Give Her an Orgasm Every Time!

bed-man-womanI’ve discovered the secret to a happy sex life: make sure she orgasms every time! The more pleasure my wife gets from our sexual encounters the more often she wants to make love. Here are some of the tricks I use to make her orgasm every time.

  1. Make sure she’s relaxed. To fully enjoy the experience, your partner’s mind needs to be clear of any distraction. Let her talk about her day while you give her a massage, then focus her attention on the moment.
  2. Spend time on foreplay. The more time I spend teasing my wife with my fingers and tongue the easier she climaxes during intercourse. Most of the time she has her first orgasm BEFORE intercourse!
  3. Use lots of lubrication. Extra lube will increase sensation for you and your partner, allowing powerful orgasms for both of you. We like to use a heated version for an extra kick of pleasure.
  4. Pay attention to ALL of her body. During intercourse I take care to focus on my wife’s nipples, neck and all of her other erogenous zones. Passionate kissing and eye contact are also great ways to enhance your partner’s pleasure. You could also tickle and tease her with a vibrating bullet
  5. Read her body signals. When my wife moans and leans in to my touch I know I’m on the right track. When her breathing slows I know she isn’t enjoying whatever move I’m doing and I need to move on. Moans, sighs and heavy breathing are all signs she’s enjoying your moves.