Masturbate This Way and Your Penile Health Is Screwed!

bigstock-Man-In-Bed-6546651Alright, this may sound slightly scary, but there is a certain wrong method of masturbation that can screw up your penile health for life. Normally, masturbation is considered a healthy practice. But, if done in this manner, you could end up ruining the way in which your penis responds during sexual intercourse.
What more, you may even end up with severe premature ejaculation issues. If you have been masturbating this way but haven’t seen anything wrong with your erections or penile health yet – good for you! However, it doesn’t mean that you can go on masturbating like that without anything wrong happening to you. Why not stop now than regretting later.

In case you are already late and are facing symptoms of premature ejaculation, don’t stress too much. All you need to do is stop masturbating in this position and look out for some practical cures for premature ejaculation.

This one particular masturbation technique has screwed up the sex lives of hundreds of thousands of men throughout the world.

I know the suspense is getting too much for you!

The technique I’m talking about is masturbating lying on your stomach in bed (with your face down) and your erect penis pressed against your lower tummy, in upwards direction. Although the motion of your penile shaft rubbing against your stomach and bed, with an up-and-down motion, can be really pleasurable, it can result in serious problems when the time comes for real sexual intercourse. Your penile shaft gets slammed at a very awkward angle in this position.

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