Reasons Women Cheat

cv-1661230003Infidelity wrecks havoc on relationships. If you’ve ever experienced your wife or girlfriend cheating on you, you know how devastating it can be. If you haven’t experienced this first hand consider yourself lucky. Whether or not you’ve dealt with infidelity personally, it can be helpful to understand why women cheat.

  1. Self Esteem Issues: Many women who cheat have low self esteem. They don’t feel valued in their relationship, and are likely to cheat with men who make them feel better about themselves. Prevent this by making sure your partner feels good about herself!
  2. Feeling neglected or ignored: If you aren’t paying attention to your partner don’t be surprised if someone else does. And don’t be surprised when she returns the attention with affection. If you want your partner to be faithful to the relationship, you must be present in the relationship.
  3. As an Exit Strategy: Some women cheat as a way to end the relationship. They know that their partner will never forgive them and initiate the breakup. There is really no way to prevent this type of infidelity.
  4. Lack of Sex: Even the most committed woman may stray if you let your sex life die. If you are having issues with erectile dysfunction, be honest with your partner; she’ll understand. Consult a physician and find other ways to satisfy your partner’s needs.
  5. Because YOU Cheated: Some women cheat because they’ve been cheated on. Fortunately, revenge cheating is the easiest type of infidelity to prevent!

The mistake many men make is that they get to comfortable in a relationship, you need to put the work in to  keep it healthy so that she doesn’t cheat. Every so often spoil her with flowers, sexy lingerie and body quivering orgasms. For some inspiration why not check out the toys and lingerie at