Travel Health

man-thinking-about-sexWhen you’re travelling its very important to take care of your health. Constantly moving from place to place in the confines of airplanes, buses or trains can be very hard on your body.

Stretching and getting moving even for short periods of time can help get the blood flowing and keep you limber. Visiting a travel doctor a few weeks before your departure date can also ensure that your immunizations are up to date and suitable for the country or countries you’ll be travelling in.

Healthy eating and exercise routines often become difficult to follow when you’re on the move, but by eating wholesome, nutritious foods and maintaining some level of physical activity you’ll be making the transitions easier on yourself and your body will thank you in the long run. Digestive upsets are also a common complaint when you’re in foreign countries, often sampling different foods than your stomach may be accustomed to. By making your own foods as much as possible, you’ll be able to ensure that your meals only use the best ingredients, and those you know agree with you.

Another consideration is sexual health. Always travel with condoms, as in some countries it’s hard to find suitable condoms. It’s best always to buy some at home and bring them along. I like to buy in bulk as it saves money. Try not to let the language barrier get in the way of having a fun time, but always be sure you know what you’re getting into when you’re getting intimate with someone else.