Why More and More Young Men Dating Older Women Nowadays??

cv-1661230003Younger men dating older women is a kind of modern day phenomenon which the whole world is catching up with rapidly. Actually, this type of relationship makes sense for both parties. Young men are able to benefit from the experience of older women and cougars can enjoy the vigor and youthfulness of younger men. It’s a win-win situation for both!

However, why do you think that more and more young men are getting driven towards older women? What is it about the older women that they find so attractive?!

Patience – When dating younger women, guys are always expected to be great right from the start. Young girls expect their men to be the perfect prince charming, which is often not the case. On the contrary, older women treat younger men like boys and are quite patient. They can also teach them some important tricks that they may never learn otherwise. What more, older women are also not fussy about the lifted toilet seat!

Experience – Unless you’re dating someone who is only a few years elder, most cougar women have been around since even before you took birth! They have a lot to teach about life, people and relationships in general. Intelligent young men don’t mind picking on the brains of older women and learn important tricks of getting girls they always wanted.

Freedom – You can enjoy a level of freedom and no-drama relationship with older women which is not possible in case of younger women. Cougar women are mostly looking for a good time in bed and wouldn’t want to have babies with you.